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Micropower S.R.L. provider of security systems

Into a world that is continuosly changing the need of security is more leading than as anytime.

Micropower S.R.L. is the first choice regarding designing, installation, guarantee and maintenance of security systems to an Europe level of quality and to the lowest prices on the romanian market.

Consulting of security systems

We offer you, the best solutions in security systems domain. The systems are based on top technology combined with the professionalism of our team, wwhose interest is to exceed your expectations, and to assure the profit growth of Your company.

Designing, installation, commisioning and technical assistance for the security systems

The designing solutions of the complex security systems are adapted to the spefically requirements of our beneficiaries, without to reduce the claims of the clients of to reduce the quality standard needed.

The company has the facilities and the personnel qualified for designing, installation, commissioning and technical assistance for the security systems.

Given the timeliness and the reliability with wich we answered to the requests of our clients and our strict specialization in security systems domain and of the experience gained starting with 1996, the partnerships with our clients have been extended during each year.